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Residential Electrical Service

Boca Electrical Works, located in Boca Raton, serves all the residential electrical service needs in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.  Whatever your residential electrical needs are, no matter how large or small, you can be sure that we can meet them and that we will respond quickly and provide a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for your residential electrical problem.  We will also provide you with a quote upfront before beginning work as well as a free comprehensive home safety inspection if you choose us to assist you with your residential electrical needs.

General Troubleshooting

There are very few problems that our experienced electricians have not seen in their years on the job.  Regardless of what type of problem you are having, nor how strange it may seem to you, we likely have seen it before.  A call to Boca Electrical Works for troubleshooting your issue will help give you the peace of mind that whatever electrical problem you are having will be diagnosed correctly and fixed in as timely and cost-efficient a manner as possible. 

Wiring and Rewiring

Many homes in South Florida may be older and may come with some of the problems associated with the outdated techniques that used to be used in home construction, but are no longer standard.  Many of these methods of wiring houses were not designed to carry the electrical loads that are needed to run modern electrical appliances, let alone multiple appliances simultaneously.   If you have an older home, you may need an electrician to rewire your home completely or just a single room; we at Boca Electrical Works can do either one for you.

On the other hand, sometimes with newer construction you may want a custom electrical set-up that the general contractor’s electrical sub-contractor may not be equipped to handle.  At Boca Electrical Works, we have assisted homeowners in the many new subdivisions and developments dotting South Florida with making their dream home into the true home of their dreams by ensuring it was properly wired for exactly the purposes they wanted to use each room.

Lighting Solutions

If you have a lighting need, we can help to meet it.  We can install dimmers.  We can also install switches or outlets anywhere that it is physically possible to run wiring.  If you want a certain lighting set-up in your home, such as LED Lights, we can help to make it a reality.

Other Services 

We routinely install ceiling fans for customers who want to ensure a proper electrical connection if they are having a ceiling fan either installed or replaced.  We also routinely install and test fire alarms, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to help you keep your family safe.

If you have bought or are leasing a brand-new electric vehicle, which is more and more common these days, we can assist in installing a charging station in your garage to ensure your vehicle always has the proper charge when you leave to go to work, the grocery store, or take your kids to school in the morning.

Additional services include:

Why Choose Boca Electrical Works?

At Boca Electrical Works, we pride ourselves on being more responsive, more cost-effective, and easier to work with than other electricians you may choose.  We always respond quickly-we are available 24-7 for any problems you may experience, even in the middle of the night on a weekend.  We are family owned and operated, have been in business in Palm Beach County since 2001 and have more than 38 years of combined experience among our experienced electricians.

We also believe in honest, upfront pricing.  We will provide you with a free quote upfront once we have diagnosed the problem, not stick you with a giant bill with all sorts of unexplained charges at the end of the job.  We also offer a complimentary, comprehensive home safety inspection with every job we do.  This is a review of your entire home to identify any potential electrical hazards that need to be corrected.  We do it without charge for every customer as a way of saying thank you for choosing Boca Electrical Works for your residential electrical needs.

For all of your residential electrical service needs, contact Boca Electrical Works today at (561) 235-2513.

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