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Commercial Electrical Services

Boca Electrical Works, located in Boca Raton, can help to meet all the commercial electrical services needs throughout Palm Beach and Broward Counties.  Regardless of what industry you are in, the size of your business or your business’s specific commercial electric needs, we can help you to meet any and all  electrical challenges your business may face.  Whether you are in need of a trusted partner to call whenever your business is facing electrical problems to troubleshoot whatever the issues are or an experienced electrician to design the ideal wiring or lighting solution for your business’s particular needs, Boca Electrical Works is your trusted commercial electrical partner in Palm Beach County and throughout South Florida.  Our electricians are responsive, available 24-7 and experienced, so if you are a business with electrical needs, Boca Electrical Works should be your first call.

General Troubleshooting

The electricity in your office may suddenly stop working one day or none of your systems can boot up because your building’s electric grid suddenly is incapable of handling the demand it normally does.  What do you do?  Call Boca Electrical Works to troubleshoot your electrical issue. Business does not stop and the needs of your customers often cannot wait, so it is important to have a trusted commercial electrical partner that is available at a moment’s notice to assist your business to get back up and running.  At Boca Electrical Works, our experienced electricians are available 24-7 and can fix virtually any electrical problem that your business may have.

Rewiring of Office Space for Your Business’s Particular Needs

Boca Electrical Works can also assist with all of your business’s wiring and re-wiring needs, whether you are leasing an office or you need a trusted partner to ensure that the electrical set-up in your office is fully customized for your business and its unique needs.

A technology company may have very different power needs than a restaurant and just because the previous tenant and/or owner of your previous office space had a particular electrical set-up does not mean it will work for your business.  At Boca Electrical Works, whether you are building a new headquarters from the ground up and need assistance in customizing it for your business’s electrical needs, or you are re-wiring a building from a previous tenant in a completely different industry, we are here to help meet your electrical wiring or re-wiring needs.

Surge Protection

Surge protection can also be extremely important since data is often the most valuable commodity that many businesses have today.  Given that a power surge could potentially wipe out the data or information on your company’s servers, completely crippling your business’s operations in the process, Boca Electrical Works can ensure that your business is protected from a power surge that could potentially have devastating consequences for your business.

Lighting Services

Similar to the wiring of offices, most businesses in different industries have different lighting needs.  A technology company with a modern, open-plan office is going to need different types of lighting and lighting equipment than a restaurant or bar that is open late at night but does not need as many or the same kinds of lights as the technology company.  Every business is unique when it comes to its lighting needs, and Boca Electrical Works will work with you to find the perfect lighting solution for your business.

At Boca Electrical Works, we can work with your business to customize a lighting solution that makes sense for your particular business and space.  There is no sense for your employees to spend all day squinting at their computers and potentially hurting their eyesight in the process because the former tenant of your office space had less of a need for lighting or different lighting than your business.  Similarly, if you are running a restaurant that caters to the late-night crowd, you may not want a space that is lit up like the Fourth of July.   Our experienced South Florida electricians at Boca Electrical Works can work with you to ensure that your business’s lighting needs are taken care of so you are not forced to make do with too much or too little or the wrong kind of lighting for your business.

Additional Commercial Services We Offer:

  • Smoke and CO2 Detectors
  • Inspections
  • And more!

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At Boca Electrical Works, our electricians are fully trained and have over 38 years of combined experience serving the needs of commercial customers in every type and size of industry.  Call Boca Electrical Works today at (561) 235-2513 if you are a business with electrical needs in Palm Beach County or South Florida.