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What is Troubleshooting?

Homeowners often do their own electrical troubleshooting and repair but why risk something if the problem might be serious? Electrical units can breakdown for many reasons. Parts can wear out or be damaged by abrasions, wires can overheat and burn open or short out, and switches can become faulty over time. These problems can lead to dangerous house fires and require extensive repair. When we troubleshoot electrical appliances and systems, we are looking for the root cause of the problem and identifying the defective components that are causing these issues.

When your lights are flickering or the power to your electrical appliance cuts out, we don’t just do a quick patch up job: we find out why it stopped working in the first place. Our skilled electricians are able to find virtually any fault in a reasonable amount of time. Whether these faults are easy or complicated, Electric Today finds them all.

If these issues happen on a day-to-day basis you should notify an electrician to troubleshoot the cause:

  • An old electrical panel or circuit breaker that trips repeatedly.
  • The smell of burnt plastic can be sensed around an outlet or light switch.
  • You can hear a crackling noise when you are near an outlet or light switch.
  • Your outlet or switch can become hot while you are using it.
  • It is difficult for your plug to stay in an outlet because it constantly slides out.
  • You have one or two nonfunctional outlets.
  • You have one or two light switches that no longer work.

Electrical problems can occur from two issues: code violations and the age of whatever is causing the issue. As we are working on the root cause of the electrical problem, we will look at your wiring and how it is connected to make sure that everything is safe and secure. We let you know immediately if we see a safety hazard or something that is likely to cause additional electrical problems soon.

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