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LED Lighting and Installation: How Lighting Can Improve Your Home or Office Look

Boca Electrical Works offers LED Lighting and Installation for those homeowners who want to do some subtle lighting updates. Home ownership is a very rewarding experience it offers the luxury of choosing artwork, furniture arrangements, decor, etc. What several homeowners do not know is that a simple addition of lighting can make a world of difference by transforming what was once a subtle home into a very inviting and warm one, perfect for any special occasions such as parties, get-togethers and private dinners. Even staying in to watch a late night movie can be a more enjoyable experience. With some of the most popular examples — recessed lighting, landscape lighting, outdoor lighting and dimmers — one can begin the process of making his or her home truly unique setting it apart from all the others

Led Lighting and Installation

LED Lighting combine the highest level of energy efficiency and longevity. Boca Electrical Works offers LED Lighting and Installation for residential and commercial customers. With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, these bulbs will last years while consuming a fraction of the energy an incandescent or CFL bulb! Making the initial investment will save you money year after year!

Benefits of LED Lighting:

  • Save money by greatly reducing electrical usage, labor costs, and indoor HVAC costs.
  • Reduce your current electricity lighting bills up to 85%.
  • Low energy consumption reduces your overall carbon footprint making a contribution to saving the environment.
  • Improved performance of your lighting, with virtually no noise or heat output, provides a 5-15% air conditioning savings.
  • Produce more light per watt than any other bulb.
  • LEDs last 5 times longer than fluorescent tubes and up to 40 times longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs.
  • Lifetime up to 100,000 hours.
  • Very durable, tough to break, and do not contain harmful mercury.
  • Reduces maintenance costs of property.
  • Will not attract bugs, never flickers, reduces eye fatigue, and improves production and morale.
  • Earn credits toward LEED certification.
  • Many uses including: parking lots, garages, high bay, low bay, outdoor lots, wall packs, tubes, incandescent, high hats, spot lights, and architectural environments.
  • Instant on/off and dimmable capabilities.
  • Available in many colors, intensities, and angles of dispersion.
  • A Maintenance Performance Guarantee of up to 7 years can supplement the manufacturer’s warranty providing timely replacements.
  • Lighting can be retrofitted allowing savings through the reuse of existing fixtures.
  • Payback periods of 12-36 months.

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