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Custom Home Electrical Upgrades

Your home is your refuge and you want it to be a space that you find both inviting and can show off to friends and family.  At Boca Electrical Works, servicing Palm Beach and Broward Counties, we can perform any custom home electrical upgrades to enable you to make your home truly your own.  We can make all the necessary electrical connections to make a particular room into the home theater of your dreams or wire your entire home exactly the way you have always wanted it to be: green and as energy-efficient as possible.  If you have a custom home project that you need an experienced professional electrician who can provide you with a tailor-made solution for your unique space and your budget, then contact Boca Electrical Works today.  We are attentive and we will listen to exactly what you are looking for before offering suggestions, rather than simply telling you what you need to do.  After all, it is your home and your custom home project, so we want to make it perfect for you.

Providing Electrical and Lighting Solutions That Truly Make Your Home Truly Your Own

Boca Electrical Works has worked with hundreds of satisfied clients to make a custom home project work for exactly the vision the client has for his or her home.  If you have always dreamed of having a place in your backyard to entertain friends at barbecues and want outdoor lighting that can match the mood of a joyous family gathering or a formal occasion, we can help to make that a reality by helping you select the proper lighting and then installing it and making sure the wiring is perfect for your outdoor entertaining.  If you are looking to upgrade your home’s interior and make it more energy efficient and/or to reduce your electrical bill, we can install LED lighting throughout your home to help reduce your energy bills.

Lastly, once we have completed whatever custom home project you are looking to have done, we can install the proper surge protection to ensure that your chosen lighting solution will not burn out the first time you turn it on.  Whatever your custom home lighting project is, our experienced South Florida electricians will help you to make it a reality.

Contact Boca Electrical Works for Your Custom Home Electrical Needs

At Boca Electrical Works, we routinely help clients with the wiring of custom homes and custom home projects of all sizes and kinds.  We do not provide you with two or three cookie cutter solutions that will be just like every other home on your block, in your development, or subdivision.  Instead, the sky’s the limit: we are able to take what has always been your dream and make it a reality.  No matter how large the job or what it is that you have always envisioned for your home, we can help your dream become a reality.  For assistance with your custom home electrical project in Boca Raton, Delray Beach or anywhere else in Palm Beach or Broward Counties, contact Boca Electrical Works today for a free consultation for your custom home project at (561) 235-2513.